• The seasons come and go, and the scenery around us changes.
    As the days flow by and are gone, simply standing still every now and then can be enough to find new and stimulating encounters.

    Take a break and see what insights you might discover.
    Take a deep sip of tea.
    “Pause & Inspire”

    #10 Come Rain or Shine

    The shadows of people pass me by in the street.

    So begins another journey of tea and transient emotions.

    “When stars and rain fall, winter is over.

    It’s time for the seasons to change.”

    The lyrics from Haruomi Hosono’s classic “Fuyugoe” run through my head as I walk through a rainy Shimokitazawa.

    Shirt ¥26,400; Trousers ¥28,600 (both from HYKE/BOWLES; Phone: 03-3719-1239)
    Tea leaves ¥540 (Sencha “Uruosu Toki”, from Chaya Suzuwa)

    With some water and a teabag in this flask with its somewhat old-fashioned design, it’s just ready to drink as I take a walk after my sauna. The rain may be cold, but you have to remember to rehydrate.

    Natural sweetness and a wonderful aroma.

    Above all, though, I love how tea is always there to provide me with the hydration I need as I wander through the streets.

    This looks like a nice little restaurant. Perhaps my senses have been heightened by my experience in the sauna, but I seem to have a sharper sense of smell than usual. A vegan Taiwanese restaurant. Just the place for a late lunch.

    Soupless Noodles ¥990 (Ming-Teng HAO HAO)
    Chinese Herbal Soy Pudding ¥880 (Ming-Teng HAO HAO)

    “Hao hao” is Chinese for “wellness”. Come rain or shine, wellness springs from eating good food.

    The sky is leaden, and the air smells of rain.

    I actually kind of like this atmosphere, but to close out the day, I want to feel the scent of spring, so I drop by a little tea house.

    Sparkling Sencha ¥600; Seasonal Wagashi Sweets ¥450 (both from ヽ-TEN-)

    It doesn’t look like the rain is going to let up today. But that’s okay.

    Tomorrow will bring new and different joys.

    I have a feeling that I drank tea while I watched the cherry blossoms last year, yet somehow, it feels like a new experience.

    The buds look like they’re just waiting for the weather to warm up a little, then they’ll burst into bloom.

    The fleeting life of the cherry blossom is so celebrated in poetry and art, but the moment just before they bloom is just as beautiful.

    Winter is over. It’s time for the seasons to change.

    To be continued.

    Model: miu
    Direction & Styling: Tadashi Mochizuki
    Photography: Masayuki Shimizu
    Hair & Make-up: Nori
    Produce: Kenichi Kakuno & Hiroshi Inada
    Edit & Text: Yoshiki Tatezaki|Coordination: Emiko Izawa & Mika Kobayashi
    Location: Ming Ten Hao Hao(in reload Shimokitazawa) & ヽ-TEN-