• The seasons come and go, and the scenery around us changes.
    As the days flow by and are gone, simply standing still every now and then can be enough to find new and stimulating encounters.

    Take a break and see what insights you might discover.
    Take a deep sip of tea.

    “Pause & Inspire”

    #6 A Girl Wonders in Yanaka

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    Relaxing in my hotel, I am surprised at the shortness of the days.

    The traditional townscape of Yanaka is at its finest at dusk.

    A perfect time for a spot of tea at a temple. This is Kodokurinji Temple, a place with its own special relationship with tea.

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    The faint traces of incense floating from the main temple building merge with the floral aroma emanating from my teacup.

    Many years of tradition meet the blessings of nature, to create a moment of true bliss.

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    The beauty of tea is that repeated brews allow that moment of bliss to be enjoyed over and over again.

    The moon will be pretty tonight.

    According to the chief priest, a roadside teahouse called Kagiya operated out of this location in the Edo period.

    Kagiya was famous for its beautiful salesgirl by the name of Kasamori Osen, who was extremely popular throughout Edo.

    As I savor this delicious tea, I also give thanks to Osen.

    Upon my return from my short trip back in time, I find that night has fallen.
    But there’s still a lot to be seen walking around Yanaka.

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    There’s no need for a teapot or even a teacup. I try a glass of matcha soda, the perfect drink for an evening tipple at a standing bar.

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    To the long autumn nights.

    To be continued.

    Model: miu
    Direction & Styling: Tadashi Mochizuki|Stylist Assistant: Hiroaki Endo & Charlie Smith
    Photography: Masayuki Shimizu
    Hair & Make-up: Nori
    Location: Kudokurinji Temple & Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street
    Produce: Kenichi Kakuno & Hiroshi Inada
    Edit & Text: Yoshiki Tatezaki|Coordination: Miho Akahoshi & Mika Kobayashi
    Special Thanks: Takashi Ichikawa & Keishiro Nagayama (ORANGE AND PARTNERS)

    *Appropriate permissions have been obtained to brew tea in the photographed locations.