• The seasons come and go, and the scenery around us changes.
    As the days flow by and are gone, simply standing still every now and then can be enough to find new and stimulating encounters.

    Take a break and see what insights you might discover.
    Take a deep sip of tea.

    “Pause & Inspire”

    #3 Chill Out in Green

    Sometimes you just want to escape the excitement and unease of the city and bask contentedly in the summer light and greenery.

    The warmth and the breeze, the sounds and the smells.
    Time to retune the sensation of being alive.

    Cold-brewed green tea brings refreshment to every pore of the body.
    Simple to make, all you need to do is place some tea leaves in a bottle, fill it with water, and leave it overnight.
    So delicious, it makes you grateful for your efforts of the previous day.

    T-shirt ¥9,790; Overalls ¥42,900; Jacket ¥49,500; Bucket hat ¥8,800; Neckerchief ¥5,940
    (all from NORDISK/HYGGE STORE by NORDISK, Phone: 03-6661-4347)

    While chopping some wood for later, I set up an ice brew.
    All you have to do is place some tea leaves and ice in a jar.

    The longer you wait, the more the ice melts and the more delicious tea you can savor.
    It’s one way to turn the heat in your favor and allow nature’s processes to take their course to create a soothing brew that seeps into every fiber of your being.

    Teaware ¥4,290 (Ocha SURU? Glass Kyu-su, Itoen); Tea leaves ¥1,728 (all new Okuyutaka Kabusecha from Ocha no Tomizawa)

    Wow! That’s so rich!
    It’s like a tea energy drink.
    That barely touched the sides!

    To be continued.

    Model: Kaito Sasamoto
    Direction & Styling: Tadashi Mochizuki
    Photography: Masayuki Shimizu
    Location: Takibi Village Ino
    Stylist Assistant: Hiroaki Endo & Chinatsu Shirai
    Camera Assistant: Yutaka Sato
    Produce: Kenichi Kakuno & Hiroshi Inada
    Edit & Text: Yoshiki Tatezaki
    Coordination: Miho Akahoshi
    Special Thanks: Masaya Ino