• The seasons come and go, and the scenery around us changes.
    As the days flow by and are gone, simply standing still every now and then can be enough to find new and stimulating encounters.

    Take a break and see what insights you might discover.
    Take a deep sip of tea.

    “Pause & Inspire”

    #1 Sakura at Home

    The cherry blossoms bloomed early this year. As if concerned about the dangers of too many people gathering to view their beauty, no sooner had they opened their petals than they were gone. Maybe this year is a good time to postpone that visit to the major cherry blossom sites and indulge in a spot of cherry blossom-viewing at home instead.

    Knitted top ¥63,000; Dress worn underneath ¥75,000 (M Missoni/Sanki Shoji, Phone: 03-3470-8235, Missoni Dept.)
    Espadrilles ¥12,000 (Holiday, Phone: 03-6805-1273)

    Model: miu
    Direction & Styling: Tadashi Mochizuki
    Photography: Masayuki Shimizu
    Produce: Kenichi Kakuno & Hiroshi Inada
    Edit: Yoshiki Tatezaki